Improving access on nature reserves

Improving access for all on our nature reserves

Halwill Junction. Photo, David Chamberlain

A gateway to the natural world

Our nature reserves aren’t just havens for some of Devon’s most spectacular wildlife, they also act as a gateway to the natural world for thousands of people

Making accessibility better for you

However, access to each one of our 50 nature reserves isn’t necessarily straightforward. Some are located miles from public transport, while the varied terrain of others can make them challenging for visitors, especially those with a specific mobility or sensory abilities.

We’ve been working to improve accessibility. So far we’ve concentrated our effort on some of our key nature reserves providing easier access for as wide a range of visitors as possible.

We realise that where we’re at isn’t perfect, but things are improving all the time. Our aim is to keep on widening provision for all to Devon’s wildlife and wild places.

Plan your visit here

Use this list of nature reserves where we’ve worked to improve access. Follow the nature reserve links to plan your visit...

Improved boardwalk at Bystock Pools nature reserve

Boardwalk at Bystock. Photo, Simon Williams

Bystock Pools nature reserve (near Exmouth)

Here an easy access pathway and boardwalks lead visitors around a beautiful lake. A chance to see dragonflies and water birds.

Path through Dunsdon nature reserve

Path through Dunsdon. Photo, Dave Chamberlain. 

Dunsdon National Nature Reserve (near Holsworthy)

A boardwalk and viewing platform gives the South West’s only easy access to Culm grassland with its summertime displays of butterflies and wildflowers.

Concrete path through Halwill Junction nature reserve

Halwill Junction. Photo, Dave Chamberlain

Halwill Junction (near Okehampton)

An all-purpose easy access path leads through the nature reserve and through its patchwork of woodland and grassland.

Local group exploring Meeth Quarry

Meeth Quarry. Photo, R Liley

Meeth Quarry (near Hatherleigh)

A series of colour-coded trails allow good access through this massive former clay quarry. Excellent for butterfly and birdwatching. The Tarka Trail links this reserve to a viewing platform which looks out across our nearby Ashmoor nature reserve.

People walking at Teigngrace Meadow

Teigngrace Meadow. Photo, Simon Williams

Teigngrace Meadow (near Bovey Tracey)

Good access to the riverside stretches of this nature reserve using the easy access path of the Wray Valley Trail. Use this trail to extend your visit to our Bovey Heathfield nature reserve nearby.

Warleigh Point nature reserve

Warleigh Point. Photo, Simon Williams

Warleigh Point (near Plymouth)

An easy access path leads into this woodland nature reserve to reveal good views of the Tamar Estuary.

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