Get involved with the Saving Devon's Treescapes Project - Help us survey wildlife

Get involved – Help us survey wildlife

Peter Eeles

Help us learn more about Devon's wildlife

We’re looking for volunteers to monitor trees as well as key species to help us better understand the health of Devon’s treescapes. Every record submitted plays a valuable part in the Saving Devon's Treescapes project.  


Ash Tree in Dartmouth

Adam Davison - South Devon AONB.

Notable trees

We’re asking people to record notable trees near them while they’re out and about across Devon. The best time to do this is while the trees are in leaf during Spring and Summer. You can use our web-based app to log your trees:

Brown Hairstreak

Peter Eeles

Brown Hairstreak butterflies

Monitoring if brown hairstreak butterlies happens in the winter months and so we will restart again in November 2021. Usually we will hold training session in November to help you get started. In 2020 we also held an online training which you can now watch online

Brown Hairstreak butterflies are important for us to monitor and record because they rely on well connected, high quality treescapes for all stages of their life cycle. Devon is also one of the last national strongholds of this scarce butterfly.

Lichen covered branch

Photo, Tom Hibbert


There are about 900 species of lichen found in Devon, from a UK total of approximately 1900. Many of these species find their homes on trees, and some favour ash. We have put together a short list of lichens which we would like more information about their distribution. They are all species that can be readily identified by eye (with the aid of a hand lens) and don’t require specialist tests or analysis.

You can watch the lichen training session here and you can start recording your lichens online using our web-based app. In Autumn we hope to put on more training sessions and will post the details here.

Brown long eared bat

Tom Marshall


The Devon Bat Survey was a Devon-wide citizen science project brought to you by the Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project. This year Devon Bat Survey aims to find out what bats are about in 4 of the Saving Devon’s Treescapes core areas: Exeter & Cranbrook, Coly Valleys, Torbay and Malborough. Join the survey here.

We are very grateful to the Halpin Trust for supporting Saving Devon’s Treescapes, giving us the opportunity to carry on Devon Bat Survey in 2021.