How to make a Nature Journal

How to make a nature journal

WildNet - Andy Jones

What is a nature journal?

Whilst we are mostly staying at home, we thought it would be a great opportunity to start a nature journal. Writing a nature journal allows us to learn about what wildlife is around us and to observe it as it changes throughout the year. They end up becoming amazing pieces of work that showcase how much wildlife is around if we spend a little extra time looking out for it.

Your field journal can include drawings, notes and even things like leaves and sticks stuck in if you want to get really creative! Why not have it as a diary and aim to put at least a couple of things in a week that you've seen?

Field sketch

Field sketch of a blue tit

Photo, Emily Bacon

Why not use the bird watching challenge to start your nature journal? Have a look out your window-can you see any birds? Learning to identify different birds takes time and patience. Whilst looking at the bird, sketch an outline of it’s shape and label any features- what shape is it’s beak? Does it have any markings? Is the bird singing or calling? Can you describe the sound?

Once you have made your field sketch and notes you can try to identify the bird! Have a look at our 'Birds through the Window' section to find a bird guide.

Wild poem challenge


Use your observations to write a poem! 

Think of some words to describe the birds and other wildlife you have seen over the last couple of weeks. Can you use these words to create a poem? Research different poem structures - you might want to write an acrostic poem or how about a Japanese Haiku?

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