Brilliant Birds

Photo, Amy Lewis


If you look out the window, the chances are in a few minutes you will have spotted a bird! Birds are fantastic to watch through the window or in the garden (if you're quiet!) as they are not as shy as other animals. Watch the birds as they fly by, sit on roofs and bounce across lawns. Learn here how to observe and identify some common garden birds, and find out how you can undertake practical tasks to help them.

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Blue tit next to pink flowers

Blue tit. Photo,  Bob Coyle

What can you see from your window?

Spend some time looking for birds out of your window. Its good to spend at least 5 minutes doing this, as some birds like to hide until they think it is safe! Make sure you stay still and quiet so that you don't scare any off. If you have binoculars or have made some binoculars use them to be able to look a bit more closely at what birds are visiting you. Check out our guide below to identify what birds they are.

What you'll need Questions to ask 
  • Paper/ notebook or your nature journal
  • Pen or pencil
  • Binoculars (Not essential!)
  • What type of birds do you think they are?
  • What are they doing? Are they flying, eating, singing?
  • How many can you see in 10 minutes? Write up a tally


An activity sheet with garden bird ID

Click image to be able to download the guide

More Bird Identification Guides

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Male and Female Birds

Male and Female Birds

Learn the Different Types of Seagull

Make your own binoculars


Learn how to make cardboard binoculars and use these to help focus on birds outside your window. How many birds can you spot?!


More things to make

Build your own birds nest

Make a bird hide

bird hide

Practical Guides for Helping Birds

Make a Bird Box

bird box

Make a Bird Feeder

bird feeder
apple feeder

Make an apple bird feeder

Core out the middle, thread through some string and tie a stick at the end for a perch, then poke in some sunflower seeds!

How to Clean your Bird Feeders

clean bird feeder

Help Birds Avoid Windows

birds avoid windows


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