Gifts in Memory of a loved one

Remembering those we loved

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Giving a gift in memory of a loved one

Donating to Devon Wildlife Trust in memory of a loved one will help us to care for Devon's wildlife and can be a fitting way to remember those dearest to us.

A donation in memory of a loved one can help to protect bluebells in local woodlands; wildflowers and butterflies in our meadows; and give us the opportunity to inspire a new generation to love and care for nature. By giving a gift in memory you are directly supporting the conservation of local nature reserves and wildlife, keeping wild places safe for future generations.

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Making a Gift in Memory is simple

Making a donation in memory of your loved one, that will help us to continue our work for wildlife is straightforward. A donation can be arranged via the funeral directors, directly to us online here or by sending a cheque or making a payment by BACS.

Celebrating a life well lived with a gift for Devon's Wildlife

Commemorating loved ones after their passing or to mark their birthday or anniversary is an important part of celebrating the life they once shared.  Helping Devon's wildlife and wild places is a special tribute to those we hold dear.  Gifts in memory enable us to continue work on our nature reserves - creating vital havens for wildlife, to campaign for protection for our seas and marine life and to inspire people to value nature and want to protect it.  Your gift will help us to keep safe the wildlife and places that we cherish today so that future generations can continue to enjoy a Devon rich in wildlife. 

If you would like an informal chat about an in memory gift, then do please contact us – Hannah Best 01392 279244, email