Not all tree seed collections were easy. Here collecting small-leaved lime seeds in East Devon


Get Outdoors and find out why trees are awesome, why are they so important and have tree-mendous fun getting creative

  1. Tree –active! Get creative using trees.

Length of time: Min 10 mins each

What you’ll need:

Bark rubbings: Put a piece of paper against the trunk of a trees and rub a crayon over.

Leaf rubbings: Put a leaf under a piece of paper and use a wax crayon gently over it.


Wax crayons

Hard surface for rubbing leaves


2. Identification How to tell which tree is which

Length of time: Min 30 mins

What you’ll need:

Look at the trees around school/ your garden/ home/ park what trees are there? Use the useful guides below to help work out what is there. If the leaves are not out yet make sure to look at the twigs!

Tree ID guides or spotter sheets


3. ‘My tree’

Length of time: Min 30 mins

What you’ll need:

Pick your favourite tree, maybe the one in your garden or maybe one that you love to play on. Create a fact sheet or a diary. Study it, draw it in a note pad and write up notes about it. Use the technique (below) to find out how old it is, what lives on it, what its leaf look like. Go back in a few weeks has it changed?


Pencil/ colouring pens


Measuring tape

Tree Age help sheet


Download the session plan