#TheTimeIsNow Mass Lobby

#TheTimeIsNow Mass Lobby

Photo credit, Tom Hibbert

What is happening?

On 26th June thousands of us will gather at Westminster, central London, to call on our politicians to set the foundations for a brighter, greener and safer world. People across the globe are suffering from the effects of climate change and our wildlife populations are being wiped out. The time is now for MPs to end the UK’s contribution to climate change and pass ambitious laws for nature's recovery on land and at sea. We simply don’t have time to waste. Join us to show our politicians the way to a #WilderFuture.

Our MPs are there to represent us, that is their job, so we need to tell them what we want.

Why now?

This summer we want to see the Government support a strong and ambitious Environment Act that protects and restores wildlife. We also want them to commit to a net zero emissions target.

Together we will call for strong laws to protect our climate, nature and people.

Why a mass lobby?

A mass lobby is a big event during which hundreds or even thousands of people meet their MP at Westminster at the same time.

Taking this action together - and ideally speaking with every MP in parliament - sends a clear message about why this issue is important, and what needs to be done about it.

For #TheTimeIsNow, we at Devon Wildlife Trust hope to coordinate groups travelling together by public transport, so that we can join what we hope will be the biggest ever event of this kind. 

How can you get involved?

Sign up on this link here and download the Lobby Guide for more information on the event and travel arrangements.

If you take part, let us know! Drop us an email to tell us what you did. We'd love to hear from you.

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