How do I leave a gift to DWT in my Will?

How do I leave a gift to DWT in my Will?

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The free* will service - with a donation to DWT

We realise it is very easy to put off making or changing a Will. But the reality is that making, or even updating, a Will is easy. There is only one golden rule – if in doubt, use a Solicitor, who does this every day of their life.

You do not have to make loads of complicated decisions all at once. A simple Will can just say, as one example, that you would like your family/spouse to have 99% of your estate and Devon Wildlife Trust 1%. It can be as simple as that.

To make it easy for you these Devon solicitors offer a Free Will Service for Devon Wildlife Trust supporters year round (subject to availability).

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*The Free Will Service is available to Devon Wildlife Trust supporters and applies to simple Wills and excludes more complex Wills and tax planning. Tozers LLP offer to waive their fee for writing simple Wills year round subject to availability. In return they invite you to make a donation to Devon Wildlife Trust. Although you are under no obligation to do so in order to use the free Will service,  DWT would be grateful for any donation and would like to thank you for supporting Devon’s wildlife.

Already have a Will?

If you already have a Will, you can phone your solicitor and say "can you please add a gift in my Will to Devon Wildlife Trust for £xxxx" – and it can be done in minutes. Alternatively, you can make a codicil – which is a legal appendix to your Will - which you can complete and send to your solicitor. There might not even be a cost to do this. But it will be important for your solicitor to read the codicil to check it does not conflict with your current Will. Please see the sample codicil form below in the download section.


If you would like to talk about leaving a gift, or wish to be sent more information, do get in touch by calling Lucy Carpenter on 01392 279244 or email

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