The senses in nature

Photo, Emily Bacon

Explore the senses

Humans and other animals have five senses - sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. We can use the senses to explore nature. Use the activities below to help you discover wildlife in and around your home.

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Nature's music

A fun activity to start the week off! Can you make a musical instrument using natural objects? Click on the photo for 2 ideas or use your imagination to create something different! Have a search around your house or garden (with permission from an adult) to find some materials - it could be a shaker, a wind or a string instrument! 


Find the rainbow

Painted picture of a rainbow

Photo, Emily Bacon

This activity is all about sight! Your eyes are designed to see what's around you, both close up and far away. Animals also use sight to find food, shelter and spot predators! This activity helps you look a little harder at what's around you. 


First you need to paint or draw a rainbow! 
In your garden: Collect natural items which match all the colours in your rainbow (don't pick any flowers without permission)
From your window: Look for all the colours in your rainbow and tick them off once you've spotted them.
An extra activity: Challenge your family to a race to find all the colours of the rainbow

What you'll need Questions to ask 
  • Some paints
  • Paper
Why do you think the objects are the colours they are?
Are they trying to attract something or maybe scare
something away?


Smelly Potions

Child and adult looking at bug pot

The Wolseley Centre, Staffordshire Wildlife Trust - Adrian Clarke

Find a pot and a stick to stir. Go on a hunt for things to make your potion with like leaves, grass, mud, flowers. Mix them all together and add a little bit of water.

 Note: Only pick flowers that are everywhere like daisies and dandelions, unless you‘re in your own garden with an adults permission –just leave some for the bees! Also this is a smelling activity not a tasting one - nothing picked is to be eaten!

What you'll need Questions to Ask
  • A pot like a yoghurt pot or jam jar
  • A stick
  • Does your potion smell good or bad?
  • Does your potion have a name?
  • What could your potion be used for, does it have a special powers?


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