Saving Devon’s Treescapes project – What we have achieved so far

What we have achieved so far

Monitoring, planting and nurturing trees for the future

Saving Devon’s Treescapes started in March 2020 and over five years we aim to plant and nurture 250,000 trees outside of woodlands across Devon. Not only that but we want increase knowledge about the importance of our treescapes and ensure the cultural importance of ash trees is celebrated and not forgotten.

Saving Devon's Treescapes Tree planting map

Here are just some of the achievements from the last year:

  • Planted over 10,000 trees outside of woodlands
  • Held 14 free tree community hubs, distributing trees locally
  • Recorded over 27km of hedgerow for brown hairstreak butterflies (and found over 450 eggs!)
  • Set up 5 micro-nurseries within schools so they can grow their own local trees
  • Completed 50 free advisory visits to landowners
  • Created 5 new community orchards
  • Created an online exhibition, documenting Ash Dieback and the replanting efforts


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We also established a community tree nursery at our Meeth Quarry Nature Reserve. The nursery will grow 7500 cell grown trees every year for communities to plant locally for free. All trees will be grown from locally sourced seeds including some local species such as the Devon Whitebeam.

Our nursery relies of the amazing commitment of volunteers. If you live locally to Meeth and would like to volunteer, please take a look at the Tree Nursery Volunteer role description here.

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