New film lets children speak out on climate emergency

A new film showcases nearly 100 young people from across the South West asking for 'action now' on the climate emergency

A new short film which features children from across the South West calling for immediate action to tackle the climate emergency has been launched on-line.

The film, which is titled ‘No One Too Small’, shows nearly 100 youngsters taking turns reading the powerful words of the Swedish climate activist, Greta Thunberg. In a piece of prescient film making, the children were filmed individually at home when social and physical distancing were not part of our everyday vocabulary.

The speech the children are recorded reading was originally made at a conference in Davos in 2019 by Ms Thunberg. Its words combined with the youthfulness of the speakers make for a compelling watching.

The idea for, and production of, the film came from Beth Steele from Axminster. The plan became a reality thanks to support from the National Lottery Community Fund.

Beth says:

I wanted to organise a project for local parents, so together we could create something to share with our friends and families; who may otherwise have never listened to Greta's speech.  I'm hoping that by sharing the film with our local politicians and leaders we can demonstrate that the public expect them to take urgent action.  We all have to act now for the sake of our children and generations to come.”

Conceived last summer, the film (No One Is Too Small) was due to be premiered at the Devon Wildlife Trust flagship visitor centre, Seaton Jurassic, this April. However, the Covid-19 lockdown has meant that this plan had to be postponed. Seaton Jurassic is run by Devon Wildlife Trust and its spokesperson, Richard Drysdale, says:

The protection and enhancement of our natural environment is key to Devon Wildlife Trust and this project and film was one that we were delighted to support and be involved in. Whilst it is a great shame that we weren’t able to showcase the film at Seaton Jurassic due to the current circumstances, we hope to do so later in the year and will continue to demand action in this declared climate emergency and encourage everyone to consider ways that they can change their lifestyle to support our natural world.’”

People can watch the film for free here