Mincinglake Valley Park

Photo credit, Matt Austin

Mincinglake Valley Park

Discover tranquillity with a gentle circular path through woodland, alongside a stream and an orchard. Climb Stoke Hill for wilder walks through wildflower meadows and tree-studded parkland, to enjoy the views across the city to the Exe Estuary.


Main entrance off Stoke Hill and Calthorpe Road, EX4 7DR
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Know before you go

19 hectares

Entry fee



Clear paths, but with some muddy and steep sections


Under effective control

When to visit

Opening times


Best time to visit

Any time

About the reserve

Mincinglake is one of six Exeter Valley Parks managed by Devon Wildlife Trust. 

There is easy access for visitors by car.  It is a wonderful location for manageable and pleasant stream side and wooded walks, meadows and parkland. Part of the Valley Park was created from a former waste tip, capped in the 1970s! It also caters for those who enjoy some hillier walks too, with long views towards the estuary.  

Did you know, Mincinglake comes from the old English words for ‘Nun’s lake’ a reference to the ‘Greater Polsloe Pond’, a lake created when the St. Katherines Priory nuns dammed the stream in the 12th century?


NOTICE: If you are visiting our reserves, please note that there have been instances of H5N1 Avian bird flu found in birds in Devon. There is very low risk to public health but we do ask that if you come across any unusual or unexplained bird deaths on or near our reserves please do not touch them. Call Defra on 03459 33 55 77 and report your findings. Please also report your findings to DWT by email at contactus@devonwildlifetrust.org

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Contact number: 01392 279244

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