Mighty Mammals

Fox cubs. Photo, Neil Bygrave


Mammals are a group of animals that mostly have fur (or hair!), they give birth to live young and are able to give milk to their young. This includes animals like foxes, badgers, mice and humans! It also includes some animals that live in the sea - like seals, dolphins and whales! In this section we will provide some fun activities for you to explore the mighty world of mammals that live the UK, provide some craft inspiration and ideas on how to help look after some of them whilst at home.

You can also discover more and about what wild mammals live in the UK by clicking here!


White-beaked Dolphin Credit: Caroline Weir

How are dolphins and whales mammals if they don't have hair?

These guys are the exception to the rule when it comes to hair - but they are just like other mammals in that they give birth to live young and feed them milk - they also breathe through lungs like us and do not have GILLS (which is what sharks and other fish use to breathe).

Marine Mammal Facts

Marine Mammal Guide

Discover Mammals on your doorstep

Meat-eating Mammal Guide

Small Mammal Guide

rodent spotter

Footprint Tracker

If you are lucky enough to have a sand pit you could try this activity. If you don't have access to any sand - try putting white paper in the tray - then surround the tray with wet mud (Water it before you go to bed) hopefully by morning you might find somebodies tracks in the tray!

Nut Detective

Have you noticed nibbled hazelnuts on the floor before? Have a look for them by hedgerows next time you go for a walk or look in your garden if you have a hazel tree or hedge. Look carefully... who do you think has eaten the nuts!?

Pipistrelle bat in flight

Photo, Hugh Clark

But Bats fly!?

Aren't bats birds because they fly? NO. Bats are the only mammals to actually fly! They have fur, have live young and yep you got it - give their young milk! Check out the Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project for lots more information about bats in Devon AND watch some cool videos of bats!

Indoor Crafts

Make your own Footprint Stamp

How to help Mammals

How to Make a Bat Box

How to Make a Simple Hedgehog Home

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