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Supporting landowners across Devon

The Saving Devon's Treescapes project are offering free advisor visits to landowners across Devon, so we can provide hope and action in the face of the alarming changes that are already affecting our precious treescapes. We have already helped businesses like Otter Brewery plant hundreds of trees to help strengthen Devon's treescapes and enable wildlife to thrive.

As a small landowner, we were not aware of grants available and how to tap into them. The advice has pointed us in the right direction to register our land and apply for capital items to lay one of our hedges. We also like the idea of tagging hedge trees and allowing them grow up.
North Devon small holder

We’re working alongside FWAG SW to deliver free advisory visits to landowners across Devon. These visits will focus on:

  • Management of hedges, in-field and hedge trees, orchards, wood pasture
  • Identifying individual hedge trees and tagging them to allow individual trees to grow up
  • Hedge restoration, planting new hedges and sympathetic hedge management (funded through Countryside Stewardship option and capital items)
  • Planting small on-farm woodlands (using trees grown in the project’s own nurseries, potentially using project volunteers)
  • 3-2-1 ash replacement formula: planting at least three new trees for every large ash, two for every medium-sized ash and one for every small ash

One of our advisors can visit your land, complete a report with recommendations and then advise and support you on the best funding opportunities.

We are particularly interested in landowners within our 5 focus landscapes – South Devon, Torbay, Exeter and Cranbrook, Coly Valleys and Neroche.

If you’re interested please get in touch with Sabine McEwan at

I have been quite worried about ash dieback and what it may mean to my hedges and woodland. The Treescapes report was very helpful, pointing me towards where advice and funding is available to get woodland management advice about ash dieback. We also identified places where we can plant hedgerows to start replacing ash trees that might die over the next few years.
East Devon landowner