Citizen Science Survey

Botanical Surveying for Long-term Monitoring

Location: Central Park, Meadow Cafe
Mayflower Drive
Join the Green Minds team to discover what plants are growing in Plymouth's greenspaces and how you can us to record them.

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9:30am - 2:30pm
A static map of Botanical Surveying for Long-term Monitoring

About the event

Join Community Ecologist, Jess Smallcombe (Devon Biological Records Centre) and Urban Ranger, Nick Purdew (Devon Wildlife Trust) to learn how to identify and survey for plants. If you have watched the online webinar and are interested in helping to contribute to the long-term monitoring of Plymouth’s greenspaces then book a spot on this practical training event. Jess and Nick will teach you how to identify plants of meadows, hedgerows and woodlands and how to carry out a botanical survey. You don’t have to have any existing skills in botanical surveying and species identification, but if you are a competent or experienced botanist, we would love you to join us too!