Story teller Lisa Schneidau

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The World Tree | Storytelling with Lisa Schneidau

Location: Online event, This is an online event held on Zoom
As part of the Saving Devon's Treescapes project, Lisa Schneidau takes us to another world through a virtual storytelling.

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7:30pm - 9:00pm
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In a world of magic and miracles, Yggdrasil the ash tree holds all of creation in its roots and branches. Odin the Allfather hangs upside down from the great tree, waiting for wisdom to come. But what happens when the ash tree falls sick?

Ash is one of our most common trees, bringing many gifts: timber, fuel, tools, inspiration and protection. Now ash dieback is on the march through our countryside, and in ten years’ time most of our ash trees will be lost.

Lisa Schneidau tells ancient stories from the Norse, Irish and British traditions in this storytelling show, peppered with natural history and sharp observation. Find out how ash trees have always been at the centre of change – and why the old stories tell us of hope and renewal.

Saving Devon's Treescapes is a project which began in 2020. It is led by Devon Wildlife Trust on behalf of the Devon Ash Dieback Resilience Forum. It's a partnership project supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund as well as other funders. Read more about the project and find other ways to get involved here.




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