John Walters

Bring Back Our Beetles

Location: Online event, This is an online event held on Zoom
Find out about the importance of beetles and how to encourage them in your garden, including the Violet Ground Beetle and Springtail Stalker.

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6:00pm - 7:00pm
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John Walters is a life long field naturalist who explores the natural world through field sketching, photography and video. He grew up on Hayling Island in Hampshire and has lived in Devon since 1990. John works as an ecologist, artist and public speaker and is based in Buckfastleigh. He has published several books and guides including The Wildlife of Dartmoor and has appeared in many television and radio programmes.

John will talk about the 4000 species of beetle that live in the UK and some of their varied lifestyles. They are an important part of the garden ecosystem, but like most insects they have declined in numbers over the last 50 years due to changes in management and the use of insecticides. Garden beetles, including the Violet Ground Beetle and Springtail Stalker, will be introduced and tips given to encourage them to live in your garden.

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