Dragonfly lays its eggs in water

Photo: Dave Smallshire

Dragonflies in Devon

Location: On-line event via Zoom, On-line.
An outline of dragonflies and their life cycle, followed by a more detailed look at the identification and habitat preferences of the species occurring in Devon.

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On-line talk taking place via Zoom


7:30pm - 9:59pm
A static map of Dragonflies in Devon

About the event

Dragonflies and damselflies – Odonata – are beautiful and exciting insects to watch on warm summer days. Dragonfly expert and author of Britain’s Dragonflies, Dave Smallshire, will explain their unique life cycle and how to identify the species that breed in Devon. High quality images will illustrate the subtler points of identification and show examples of the wetlands where they breed.

There will be time for questions at the end of the presentation.


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