Children parade against plastics!

Photo, Paul Naylor

Seaton Jurassic has teamed-up with local schools to fight against plastic in our waters
Person holding a spider crab at Wembury

Children will be marching through Seaton to draw attention to the plight of wildlife in our seas at this year’s Natural Seaton Festival on the 21st July 2018.

Learning about plastic in our seas

Children from Beer, Seaton and Colyton Primary School have been learning about the effects of plastic in our seas and have been working with local artist, Louise Farwell, to produce some fantastic artwork that will be paraded through Seaton as part of this year’s festival.

The parade was the idea of Claire Mountjoy, Learning and Participation Officer at Seaton Jurassic who together with Meghan Knowles from Seaton Wetlands led interactive sessions with children to explore the rocky shore and understand the effects of plastic on marine wildlife. The children used their visit to the rocky shore as inspiration for the marine creatures that they created from recycled materials under the artistic guidance of Louise Farwell.

It was great fun taking the children to the rocky shore and seeing how the experience helped them to understand the challenges that marine wildlife face today – particularly the horrors of plastic pollution. 

I am really excited to see the sea creatures that they have all made at Natural Seaton Festival and am honoured to be able to march along with the children as they parade their marine creations through the town.  We hope people visiting the festival will join us in pledging to help our sealife by reducing their use of plastic.
Claire Mountjoy
Learning and Participation Officer, Seaton Jurassic
Bottlenose dolphin jumping from the water

Photo, Charlie Phillips

The children’s parade will start from Windsor Gardens, Seaton at 10am accompanied by the Sunshine Samba Band as they make their way to the Natural Seaton Festival in Thury Harcourt, Seaton.

Natural Seaton Festival will be a great day out with family fun activities, stalls and entertainment throughout the day including visiting dinosaurs!

Devon Wildlife Trust Calls for Public Support

The government have launched a public consultation on new Marine Conservation Zones. Devon ‘Wildlife Trust are asking for public support to protect sensitive marine sites around Devon.

Help us by showing your support and responding positively to the government’s public consultation on new Marine Conservation Zones using The Wildlife Trusts’ ‘Wave of Support’ campaign. The closing date for responses is Friday 20 July.

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