Birds from your window

Birds from your window

House sparrow. Photo, Ben Hall/2020VISION

Birds from your window

Week 1 of Wildlife Champions at Home starts us looking at wildlife from the window. This will be a main theme throughout this series of activities. Make a craft which will help you focus on wildlife flying by, sitting on roofs and bouncing across lawns. Following this, learn how to observe wildlife by making a field sketch before taking what you have learnt and getting creative with words using our wild poem challenge

1. Make your own binoculars  What you will need 

Learn how to make cardboard binoculars and use these to help focus on birds outside your window.

Click here for instructions

  • Two cardboard tubes
  • String
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ribber band
  • Hole punch 


2. Start a nature journal  What you will need     

Writing a field journal is what naturalists do to learn about wildlife and how it changes throughout the year. Field journals help you ask the questions – what am I seeing? How could I describe it? What is it doing? For ideas on how to use a nature journal to learn about birds click here 

  • A notebook or piece of paper
  • A pencil and colouring pencils
  • Your paper binoculars


3. Write a wild poem What you will need
Use your observations to write a poem! 
Think of some words to describe the birds and other wildlife you have seen this week. Can you use these words to create a poem? Research different poem structures - you might want to write an acrostic poem or how about a Japanese Haiku?
  • Paper or your nature journal
  • Pen or pencil