Beaver videos

Beaver videos

Photo, Nick Upton

Enjoy highlights from the trail cameras capturing the activity of beavers on the River Otter, their interactions with other wildlife and the way different species use beaver dams.

Footage by Sylvia Meller

Footage of mother and kits near Otterton, shot in 2016 and kindly shared by beaver supporter Sylvia Meller.

An introduction to the River Otter Beaver Trial, from the first year of the project, featuring beaver footage from DWT's Enclosed Beaver Project site. (Filmed by Seenit)

Beaver in daylight, filmed in the Otter catchment.

Female beaver inside the artificial lodge constructed for release of two beavers on the River Tale in 2016.

Explore the Enclosed Beaver Project site from the air and see how a scrub and grassland site was transformed by a pair of beavers into a mosaic of wetland habitats, benefitting a wide array of wildlife.