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Reserves - Halwill Junction

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Grid reference/Postcode
SS 443 003

Halwill Junction, between Okeham


Wet and dry grassland communities, young woodland, overgrown hedge banks.

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Halwill Junction

**** News, Summer 2015 - Halwill Junction is fully open following repairs to the path leading to the reserve entrance in spring 2015 ****

Halwill Junction is a disused railway line with a variety of habitats.  It was purchased by DWT from British Rail in 1990.  Recently the old railway track has been converted into a surfaced cycle path connecting Halwill Junction to Cookworthy Forest.

The various physical conditions have produced different plant communities.  Goat willow predominates on the railway line edges, but birch, alder, rowan, gorse and bramble are also to be found.  The site also has a good showing of broad- leaved helleborine. In the wetter areas angelica, lesser spearwort, meadowsweet, ragged robin and lousewort are present and a good display of southern marsh orchids is best seen in July.  The dry areas support heather as well as many mosses and lichens.  The northern branch has a richer dry area with interesting hawkweed species, kidney vetch (rare inland) and plantain.

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