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Reserves - Andrew's Wood

Key Information

Grid reference/Postcode
SX 713 520 / TQ7 4EA

Five miles north of Kingsbridge



Secondary broad-leaved woodland, unimproved rush pasture, acid grassland, semi-improved field.


Fowlescombe Farm
DWT gratefully acknowledges the generosity of Richard and Barbara Barker in supporting the management of Andrews Wood Nature Reserve. 


Biffaward have generously donated nearly £50,000 to help with management on the reserve for the next three years. The money will help restore 15 ha of grassland encouraging the rare heath lobelia to thrive.

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Andrew's Wood

Once an area of open, boggy moorland, Andrew's Wood is now an established woodland haven for a wonderful collection of ferns, mosses and beautiful wildflowers which thrive under the shade of the trees.

What to see:

  • Heath lobelia

  • Ragged robin
  • Bank voles
  • Common lizards

Andrew's Wood has a long human history and has undergone dramatic changes over the centuries.  A walk through the reserve takes you past a ruined farmstead, gardens and a farmed landscape, all long abandoned by people.  There now exists a thriving woodland, where shady glades are filled with bluebells in May and the humid grotto holds dozens of species of mosses and ferns with evocative names growing from its rocks and trees, such as mouse tail moss and harts tongue fern.  The brightest wildlife star of this reserve has to be the heath lobelia, whose purple-blue sprays dot the nature reserve's clearings in August and September.  Andrew's Wood is thought to boast the UK's largest colony of this rare flower.  Watch your step though, as large quartzite boulders lie amongst the patches of heather - a reminder of the reserve's glacial history.

What to see

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