• Graffiti attack at Bystock beauty-spot

    Thursday 1st September, 2016

    Vandals have left their ugly mark at one of East Devon’s best-loved nature reserves.

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  • Heathland bounces back

    Wednesday 24th August, 2016

    Local volunteers have played a vital role in Clayhidon's restoration

    The return of grazing livestock after a gap of many decades has put a rare Mid Devon landscape firmly on the road to recovery.

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  • Wembury welcomes back long-lost crab

    Monday 22nd August, 2016

    St Piran's crab discovered at Wembury

    A species of crab which had not been seen in Devon for more than 30 years has been found living on a popular stretch of coast close to Plymouth.

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  • Teigngrace Meadow bounces back thanks to Biffa

    Wednesday 10th August, 2016

    The new bench at Teigngrace Meadow

    Devon Wildlife Trust's newest nature reserve has been boosted by support from Biffa Award

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  • Shining a light on hidden side of the moor

    Wednesday 10th August, 2016

    DWT Emsworthy Mire, a well-managed Dartmoor mire habitat

    A new community project is to bring to life the ‘hidden’ side of Dartmoor, the internationally important blanket bogs which cover around 10% of the moor.

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  • Competition launched aimed at getting gardeners to help local bats

    Wednesday 6th July, 2016

    The Wildlife Trusts, Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and Bat Conservation Trust have joined forces to launch a new competition to identify the best insect-friendly plant display in the country.

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  • Devon beaver mascot named as 'Nora'

    Monday 4th July, 2016

    Devon Wildlife Trust's beaver mascot has been named as 'Nora'

    • Winning name – ‘Nora’ - plays on gnawing wood habits of the rodents! • Winner of naming competition revealed as shop owner from Sidmouth • Nora the beaver mascot to appear at events throughout the summer

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  • Smartphone addicts more anxious than nature-lovers, research shows

    Tuesday 14th June, 2016

    Child leaping down sand dunes

    • Research shows smartphone addicts are more anxious and less sociable than nature lovers • Devon Wildlife Trust runs initiative to help ‘wean people from their screen’

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  • Two new beavers released at secret East Devon location

    Thursday 26th May, 2016

    Beaver takes its first wild swim

    • Two beavers released to join existing wild colony on River Otter • Successful – and sanctioned - release hailed as crucial next step in the story of England’s wild beaver • New arrivals will add to the ‘genetic diversity’ of the existing wild population

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  • Let your family go wild at special event

    Wednesday 25th May, 2016

    Special 30 Days Wild event in the Cricklepit Mill wildlife garden, Exeter Free family activities throughout the day - everyone welcome

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