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Devon Wildlife Trust

Its official, beavers are back!

England’s only breeding population of wild beavers look to have a brighter future after an announcement made Wed 28 January.


Natural England has granted Devon Wildlife Trust a five year licence to monitor the beavers on the River Otter. This is a key moment in the history of modern conservation and has come after months of hard work trying to secure a long term future for the animals.

Learn more about the announcement here.

You can help – we now face the task of funding the River Otter Beaver Project. An initial call for donations led to £45,000 being raised in just two months. However the cost of the five year monitoring project is estimated to run well above this figure. Find out how you can help here.

Learn more about Devon's wild beavers here.

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Marine Conservation Zones

The Government is currently consulting on the designation of 23 new Marine Conservation Zones around England and Wales - to help protect and recover wildlife at sea. Two of the proposed sites are on Devon's coast.

Find out more about how you can urge Defra to designate these vital sites and create a network of marine protected areas.

Make a difference, make a donation

Find out how to make a world of difference for local wildlife here

Wildlife in Devon

Want to know more about wildlife in your area? Found an animal but don't know what it is? Find out more about a species its habitat or a DWT nature reserve using our wildlife finder!

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