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The beavers have not 'disappeared'!

You may have heard recent reports that Devon's wild beavers had 'disappeared'. They haven't!

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In summer 2015 Devon's wild beavers had babies. Watch exclusive video of the kits here.

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We have reached our public appeal target and taken a huge step closer to securing Bystock nature reserve for the future!

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What's your wild life?imogen_-_my_great_escape

We believe that all our lives are better when they're a bit wild.

We want to show how much nature matters to all our lives. Tell us what wildlife and wild places mean to you, read the stories, or share your wild life with us #MyWildLife.

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Wildlife in Devon

Want to know more about wildlife in your area? Found an animal but don't know what it is? Find out more about a species its habitat or a DWT nature reserve using our wildlife finder!

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