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girl gardeningWildlife Gardening (Catherine Burgess)

Large or small, lawn or courtyard, our gardens provide a patchwork of green spaces for wildlife. There are an estimated 16 million gardens in the UK and the way these are cared for can make a big difference to wildlife.

Everyone can help wildlife in their garden. Here are our top six things to do:

1. Provide water

Water is essential for all creatures. Even a simple bird bath is a top attraction, but a pond is best of all. It will attract frogs, toads, perhaps newts, and a host of fascinating insects. Birds come to bathe and drink too.

If you're thinking of creating a pond, check out our pond page here!

2. Grow nectar rich flowers

These will feed butterflies, moths, bees and other insects

3. Make you boundaries green

Hedges link habitats together and provide vital shelter and nest sites. Many hedge plants give food for birds and mammals too. Growing climbing plants up vertical surfaces is another great way to make a boundary green. Choose plants like honeysuckle, ivy and clematis which provide food for moths and butterflies as well as nest sites for birds.

4. Feed the birds

Vine House Farm logoAll year round but especially in winter. Plant berry-bearing trees and shrubs for natural food, and make a feeding station with a range of foods to attract different birds.

You can purchase a wonderful range of wildlife foods through our partners Vine House Farm. Many of the wild bird foods it sells are grown on its conservation award-winning family farm in Lincolnshire. 

5. Plant a tree

If you have space, trees are fantastic for wildlife as they provide a vertical layer for all kinds of wildlife activity, particularly for birds to nest in, feed on and as song posts.

6. Make a winter wildife home

Bug hotels, bumblebee hibernation chambers and hedgehog hibernaculum can provide a safe place for wildlife to shelter through the winter. For ideas and advice on how to create a winter wildlife home check out our creature features page and help the hog page.

Wild About Gardens - wild bees

Wild About Gardens

Every year The Wildlife Trusts and the RHS run a garden campaign, and this year we're asking you to get your garden buzzing for bees! 

There's lots you can do to improve your garden for bees: plant pollen rich flowers, make your own bee home, provide a water source or help a tired bee with sugar water.

Wild bees



















The Wildlife Trusts and the RHS have set up a fantastic website all about this years campaign. Check it out at Wild About Gardens



Build a wildlife pond

Pond made from barrel

Plant a wildflower meadow

Wildflower meadow

Make compost

Create hedges for wildlife

Build an insect hotel

Insect hotel

Plant trees and shade plants

Cherry tree