Devon Beaver Project

A beaver swimming © Ben LeeA beaver swimming © Ben Lee

Since 2011, Devon Wildlife Trust has been running a beaver project on a securely-fenced, private site in western Devon.

Beavers have been introduced to a 2.8 hectare plot of wet woodland and rough grassland so that DWT can monitor the ecological effects of these once-native mammals.

Beaver on grass by Derek GowOur research focuses on the impact of beavers on:

  • Trees and other plants
  • Wildlife populations, including amphibians, bats & breeding birds
  • Water levels and flow rates through the site
  • Water quality either side of beaver dams

Results will be published in 2016 and will contribute to the debate
around re-introduction of the Eurasian beaver in England.


Devon Wildlife Trust is also leading a scientific trial centred on a population of wild beavers living on the River Otter in East Devon. Find out more here.