Help With Collection Tins

Location: Devon-wide, All across the county

7 spot ladybird. Photo, Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography

DWT has a number of collecting tins in various outlets across Devon. We need people who can service these tins, collect and bank the money and express our appreciation to the outlets that host them.

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We value all the help you offer, and every little helps!  In keeping your collection tins regularly serviced and in good/clean condition you are helping to raise vital funds to enable us to promote and support DWT work throughout Devon. 


Various shops, pubs and other outlets in your locality.  Some volunteers are happy to approach outlets and ask if they will host a box. 

If possible each box should be checked every 3 to 4 months.  This allows us to keep a record of donations and helps to make collection box holders feel cared for.

7 spot ladybird on a forget-me-not

7 spot ladybird. Photo, Jon Hawkins - Surrey Hills Photography

Role Profile - Tin Collectors