Tai Chi in Nature at Mincinglake

Devon Wildlife Trust have teamed up with Angus Clark, a gifted and experienced tai chi coach to offer a different way to connect with nature and be active in Exeter’s own Mincinglake Valley Park.
Tai Chi with Angus

Photo, Angus Clark

Part of the Connecting Actively to Nature Project

The sessions are designed to suit the ability of someone taking their first footsteps into being active and would like to take part in gentle, sociable, guided exercise in nature. This is part of the Connecting Actively to Nature project, a flagship initiative from the Devon Local Nature Partnership which is tackling inactivity amongst people over the age of 55 in Devon.

Connecting Actively to Nature (CAN) will help people to develop the confidence to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings on their doorstep and is funded by Sport England through Lottery sales.

Mincinglake Valley Park

Photo, Matt Austin

Events taking place every Thursday

The tai chi classes will be taking place every Thursday, the first session beginning Thursday 13th September and the last session on Thursday 18th October.

Devon Wildlife Trust is inviting participants to meet in the Sylvannia hut (toilets available) from 11.15am for a cup of tea and to discover the wildlife of the week. They will then get ready to step outside for beginner’s tai chi at 12 noon. Sessions will last 45 minutes.

Thanks to the CAN funding, Devon Wildlife Trust have been able to offer these tai chi sessions for just £2 per person per session.

Devon Wildlife Trust’s Jasmine Atkinson, who will be meeting participants in the hut said:

“These sessions are open to everyone! If you’re not currently active, this is a great way to start some gentle exercise in a beautiful setting. You don’t need any equipment, just wear loose comfy clothing and bring a few layers in case it gets cold.

“I’ll be at the Sylvannia hut from 11.15am for anyone who would like to meet others in the class, have a cup of tea and look at some of the wildlife in the park. But if you’d prefer to just come for tai chi, you can join us outside the hut at 12noon.”

Tai chi gives us ways to exercise that are inspiring, easy to learn, make you feel good and offer a great way to maintain your health and vitality.

Tai chi is an exercise that, although Chinese in origin, is now practiced worldwide by all sorts of different people. It's fun and easy to learn and the moves, which are based on natural rhythms and cycles of life will energize as well as relax you.

Regular practice will also give you strong legs, which is good for your balance, and overall fitness. An interesting side to tai chi is that it helps you to let go of unwanted stress and tensions because it is based on principles of relaxation.

Practicing the tai chi outside, breathing fresh air, feeling the ground under your feet, noticing the creatures and plants, the colours of the natural world around you, can be truly inspiring.
Angus Clark
Tai Chi Instructor
Connecting Actively to Nature logo

Participants can arrive any time from 11.15am - 12noon. There will be 6 weekly sessions running from Thursday 13 September to Thursday 18 October and a further 6 weeks in the Spring. You do not need to attend all sessions.

If you would like to find out more and register your interest, please contact Jasmine on 01392 260838 or jatkinson@devonwildlifetrust.org and she will get back to you. Mincinglake Valley Park can be accessed from Stoke Hill road.

To find out more, visit Devon Wildlife Trust’s website https://www.devonwildlifetrust.org/events or find us on Facebook at facebook.com/devonwildlife and Twitter @DevonWildlife