Go Wild for Worms!

Earthworm. Photo, Alan Price/Gatehouse Studio

Devon Wildlife Trust is inviting families to celebrate the humble worm at their Wild About Worms Family Fun Day.
Wild About Worms poster 2018

A fantastic family event 

On August 8, the charity will be opening the gates to the Cricklepit Mill wildlife garden for a family event that aims to highlight the importance of the lowly worm.

Children will have the chance to take part in a range of worm-themed activities, including various craft activities, worm games and trails around the garden.

Families can also have a go at making their own wormery to take home – the charity is asking that visitors bring along a large plastic bottle to house the wormery. There will also be bug hunting around the garden to help children learn what wildlife lives in the garden.

Located close to the city’s historic quayside, Cricklepit Mill serves as the Exeter headquarters to Devon Wildlife Trust and boasts of an impressive wildlife garden, often described as an urban oasis in the heart of the city.

The event will take place on Wednesday 8 August, opening at 10.30am and finishing at 3.30pm. The charity is asking for a £3.00 donation for children – adults and babies go free.

Our Wild About Worms Family Fun Day is set to be a fantastic day out for all the family. We’ve got lots of different craft activities for children to get stuck into and it will also be a great opportunity for kids to learn about the importance of our amazing wriggly friends!
Rosie Govier
Communications Assistant, Devon Wildlife Trust
Why worms are great

Wild About Gardens

This year’s Wild About Gardens challenge from the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) and The Wildlife Trusts is: Go Wild for Worms!  The lowly worm is essential to life. It spends its life beneath our feet – it turns the soil, allows it to breathe, recycles and enriches it. Worms are the gardener’s best friend and are essential food for other wildlife.

The worm gardening guide, ‘Go Wild For Worms’, is free to download and contains lots of facts about the different species of worm, their lifecycles and importance in the garden, as well as practical steps gardeners can take to help them.  It is available to download at wildaboutgardensweek.org.uk

Cricklepit Mill and its garden can be found at Commercial Road, Exeter, EX2 4AB, close to the Bishop Blaize pub and the city’s quay.

Download our 'Go Wild for Worms' booklet for great gardening tips!

Wild About Worms event