The General Election on the 12th December is a crucial moment for wildlife

One action for insects the report recommends is a drastic reduction in pesticide use

We are all witnesses to the current, unprecedented declines in nature. Demand for leadership and action to halt this catastrophe has never been greater.

A recent YouGov poll showed that two-thirds of people agree that the environment and climate emergency is the biggest issue facing humankind. It also showed its importance at this election, with 54% of people saying it would influence how they voted.

Thousands of people have been calling on Government to stand up for nature. This election is a chance to up the volume – and tell candidates that they must back an ambitious Environment Act.

It’s no big secret that we all depend on nature. It’s also no secret that nature is in deep trouble, in the UK as much as anywhere else. More than half of our species are in decline and the UK is now one of the most nature-depleted places on earth.

But the momentum for change is growing rapidly. Governments around the world are declaring nature and climate emergencies; the environment is always in the news, increasingly on the agenda; and ever more people and groups join the climate strike movement, realising they can no longer sit still.

It seems our Government can’t stay still, either. The calling of a general election provides a golden opportunity to build on this momentum. We can all urge parties and their candidates to act now and act decisively. Because that’s what nature, and we ourselves, desperately need – decisive action that will turn things around.

As a wildlife supporter we ask that you download the letter below to send to your Party candidate to urge them to act for nature.

You can find your Party candidates here 

We also have some posters that you can display in your window at home you can download these below.

Letter to Party Candidate

Election Posters