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Our Local Woods : Rapid Woodland Assessment : Building Resilience

Location: Online event, This is an online event held on Zoom
Join us to learn more about the South West's beautiful temperate rainforests and how to take part in the Plantlife woodland survey.

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7:30pm - 10:00pm
A static map of Our Local Woods : Rapid Woodland Assessment : Building Resilience

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Kate will help us understand the condition of woods across the south west and identify those which have potential to support rare lichens, mosses and liverworts.

The South West’s upland and coastal woodlands are special, with their luxuriant growth of lichens, mosses and liverworts that give them their characteristic rainforest feel. These woods are actually classed as temperate rainforests and are internationally important for their lower plants. However, this habitat and its rare lichens and mosses are under threat as a result of changing management, tree disease, air pollution and climate change. Kate will also outline how we can help by taking part in the Rapid Woodland Assessment (RWA) – an easy to use tool which can be undertaken in your own time during a woodland walk.

Kate Hind is currently the Lead Community Scientist for Plantlife; co-ordinating and planning events for the Rapid Woodland Assessment project. The project’s vision is to carry out essential woodland conservation work that will help to protect some of our most rare and threatened lower plants, create opportunities for the public and the people who manage these woods to enrich their knowledge about them and to engage schools, families and members of the public through innovative woodland events and training programmes.

She has experience of working with farmers and land managers on sustainable land use and catchment management and has also done work with Exeter University, Petroc in Partnership with Plymouth University and the North Devon Biosphere.


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