Wildlife webcams and recordings

Wildlife webcams

Fox cubs. Photo, Neil Bygrave

Discover the secret world of beavers and bats by watching one of our wildlife recordings

River Otter beavers

In May 2016 we put a new female and male in to the River Otter to join England's only wild population of breeding beavers. We did this to increase the genetic diversity of the existing animals.

This clip shows one of the new beavers nibbling on some hazel leaves.

This clip shows that a beaver's balance is not always the best!

This clip shows the female beaver at work in an artificial lodge we provided.

This clip shows one of the beavers happy to be out and about during the day.

Find out more about the River Otter Beaver Project

Greater Horseshoe Bats in cave

Great horseshoe bats. Photo, Colin Morris

Greater horseshoe bat maternity roost 

The Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project has set up a web cam at a maternity roost in South Devon. 

For more recorded footage visit the Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project website.