What to see and do this summer

Culm grassland in summer by M SymesCulm grassland in summer by M Symes

Long daylight hours, warm evenings and ‘no school tomorrow’ provide plenty of time to get out and explore wild Devon.

Here are some ideas of wild things to do this summer…



Hunt for orchids at one of Devon Wildlife Trust’s Culm grassland nature reserves:

Vealand Farm, Volehouse Moor and Meshaw Moor.


Take a rockpool ramble at our wonderful Wembury Marine Centre.


Walk, listen and try

Andrew's Wood Wildflower MeadowWalk through and take in the summer scent of wildflowers at our Coronation Meadow, Dunsdon National Nature Reserve.


Listen for the magical churring calls of nightjars on a warm summer evening at Bystock nature reserve.

Emperor Dragonfly by Chris RootTry to keep up with the whirring flight paths of patrolling dragonflies. Devon Wildlife Trust’s Meeth Quarry and Little Bradley Ponds nature reserves are the place to start.