What to see and do this spring

Spring Beech Leaves by Alyson FennellSpring Beech Leaves by Alyson Fennell

After months of being wrapped up and hunkered down wildlife goes in to overdrive. It’s a time of building, mating, growing and leaving home.

Here are some ideas of wild things to do this spring…

Meeth multi-use trail by Russ LileyCycle along the dappled shade of the Tarka Trail and take a picnic to our Meeth Quarry nature reserve.



Bluebells by Tom MarshallTake a walk through woodland with a sea of bluebells and wild garlic at your feet. Scanniclift Copse and Lady’s Wood nature reserves are hard to beat!


Listen, look and spot

Cuckoo by Chris Root

Listen and look for the first cuckoos to return to Dartmoor at our Emsworthy Mire nature reserve.


Look for dippers foraging for food in the tumbling water of Cricklepit Mill’s leat, right in the heart of urban Exeter.


Spot the first fritillary butterflies of the year at Devon Wildlife Trust’s Marsland nature reserve.