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Cricklepit Mill cameras

Two cameras have been installed at DWT's headquarters thanks to Viridor Credits Environmental Company. One camera is set up to look at the inside water wheel and the other aims down the leat towards the river. The cameras were set up in 2009 to capture shots of the visiting otters and they have been a real success!

The motion detector cameras have been catching regular footage of otters visiting the Exeter site, both in the day and during the night. Highlights so far have included a visiting snipe, a brown rat and one of the otters struggling to catch a fish.

You can see the latest footage below. Please go to our YouTube channel to see all the archive material.

WildlinkAndrew Cooper's Wildlink

Devon Wildlife Trust trustee and TV filmmaker Andrew Cooper has a great website which includes an array of webcams situated on his farm in Devon.

Live webcams include: Bird Table cam, Badger cam, and Watering Hole cam

Have a look at the latest images on his Wildlink website now!

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