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Pond-dipping at DWT Bystock PoolsPond-dipping at DWT Bystock Pools

As a Waterlevel reader, you can enjoy a year's free membership of Devon Wildlife Trust!

Click here to enjoy your free year's membership of Devon Wildlife Trust (offer expires 30 September 2017). Complete your Direct Debit details and the first payment will be taken in 12 months' time.

As a member, enjoy:

  • Visiting 50 nature reserves using your map and mini guide
  • Our award-winning wildlife magazine Wild Devon, four times a year
  • Dozens of wildlife events
  • Knowing you are part of a community that is working hard to protect and restore Devon’s wildlife and wild places
  • For family memberships - children’s Wildlife Watch magazine, four times a year, and lots of fun activities!


and receive your first year free!


How do DWT members help Devon's wildlife and wild places?

Devon's wildlife is amazing, but it needs our help. As a Devon Wildlife Trust member, you can discover, enjoy and protect the wildlife and wild places that you love - for now and forever.


Devon’s spectacular coasts, moors, rivers and woods are home to an astonishing variety of wildlife.

It is what makes our county one of the most beautiful and special places in the world.

But much of Devon is less rich in wildlife than it once was. Loss of habitat, innappropriate development, and lack of protection have all taken their toll, and there are many who don't have the chance to explore and enjoy Devon's natural beauty - even when it is right on their doorstep.


and receive your first year free!



There is nothing inevitable about wildlife decline...

...and everyone should have the chance to discover and be inspired by nature.

With the help of our supporters, DWT is working hard every day to make sure that Devon’s wildlife and wild places can be explored and enjoyed by generations to come.

Together, we are making a real difference.


and receive your first year free!



Join DWT as a Member and help to protect, restore and create wildlife-rich landscapes and bring more wildflowers, butterflies, birds and mammals back to Devon.

Help us to inspire thousands of people every year to love and care for wildlife.

Our nature reserves, member events, and magazines are your passport to Devon’s wild beauty.

With Devon Wildlife Trust you can enjoy and share the wildlife you love with others and, together, we can make a world of difference for Devon's wildlife.


and receive your first year free!