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Species - Great spotted woodpecker


The great spotted woodpecker is not particularly at risk, with a healthy breeding population.


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Great spotted woodpecker (Dendrocopus major)

This 23cm tall woodpecker is a striking black and white. It has a white tail with a crimson area underneath it. The juvenile has a crimson crown that is lost on maturity.

A bouncy flier through the woods, the bird has a distinctive loud ‘keek-or-chick’ call, often sounding like chattering.  It drums loudly on trees, especially during the spring. Shy and doesn’t like to be seen and will play hide-and-seek with anyone watching.

Nests in holes in trees, producing between three and nine white eggs. Diet includes grubs and wood boring insects in dead trees.

The great spotted woodpecker can be an aggressive bird and will sometimes make holes through nesting boxes to feed on any nestlings it finds.


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