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Reserves - Lady's Wood

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Grid reference/Postcode
SX 688 591

South of Dartmoor nr South Brent


Semi-natural broadleaved woodland.

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Lady's Wood

Lady's Wood lies on a gentle to moderate north facing slope above the Glaze Brook, a minor tributary of the River Avon. 

Here the woodland canopy is dominated by oak and ash whilst the understorey consists of coppiced hazel, holly, hawthorn, honeysuckle, bracken and bramble.

Dormouse are the major wildlife conservation interest of the site and the dormouse nest boxes are surveyed regularly in the summer as part of the National Dormouse Monitoring Scheme.

The bird population is that expected for a small semi-natural woodland and attracts marsh tits, nuthatches, song thrushes, tree creepers, blackcaps and chiff chaffs.

A bat survey in 2002 revealed that the site is used for foraging for a number of species including barbastelle, greater and lesser horseshoe bat as well as providing roost sites for brown long eared and pipistrelle bats.

In the spring, bluebells are abundant on the woodland floor.

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