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What do you love about Devon’s beaches?

Sand_dunes_Emma_BradshawIs it walking barefoot across the sand…exploring a rockpool…riding a perfect wave? Everyone loves Devon’s beaches.

Devon Wildlife Trust is asking all beach goers to spare a thought for our marine wildlife.

From forests of seaweed, through rockpools covered in anemones and limpets, to brightly coloured birds such as oystercatchers – our marine wildlife is wonderful. Without them a day at the beach wouldn’t be complete

Help marine wildlife and follow the Seashore Code

School_rockpool_rambleGet involved

Become a Friend of Marine Conservation Zones
DWT’s work for marine wildlife is part of a wider campaign for better protection of the UK’s marine environments through Marine Conservation Zones. Find out more about becoming a Friend by visiting the Marine Conservation Zone webpage.

Visit Wembury Marine Centre
One of the best places to go rockpooling in Devon. Go on a rockpool ramble, spot crabs, find starfishes etc. Great for the family! Find out more about visiting Wembury Marine Centre

Devon has some very special wildlife – let’s keep it that way

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