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30 Days Wild: Cathy and baby Evan's wild time!

Posted: Monday 13th June 2016 by DevonWildlifeTrust

30 days wild banner including text, logo, and grass

Cathy and baby Evan have been taking part in the 30 Days Wild challenge! Cathy tells us about how they're making their lives a bit more wild...

Day 1

I'm joining in the DWT 30 days wild campaign with my little baby boy. It starts on holiday with a nice cup of (cold) tea in the garden. Perfect!

Day 2

A wild walk by the sea.

Walk by the beach for 30 Days Wild














Day 3

Eating sand at the beach. Evan wasn't very interested in his new bucket and spade, but I enjoyed building some sand castles. They were for him, honestly...

At the beach for 30 Days Wild









Day 4

Hanging out with friends in the park.

Babies in the park for 30 Days Wild









Day 5

Surveying for butterflies in the sunshine at a local nature reserve.

Day 7

A rare peaceful moment, in amongst the daisies.

Day 9

Dining out in the garden, saves clearing up after a messy baby!

Day 10

At least all this rain is filling up the pond. Found a dragonfly exuviae!

Dragonfly exuviae









Day 11

A rainy day with a fussy teething baby. We need to find something to do, quick! Off to the park for Exeter's Respect Festival.

Its not too late to get involved with 30 Days Wild! Find out more here and send us your photos and stories on Twitter @DevonWildlife #30DaysWild or email 


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