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Adopt a Species

Adopt a Species gift packs make a great present for nature lovers. All the information you need for animal adoptions can be seen below. 

**Please note that the last date for Christmas orders is Thursday 17th December - we cannot guarantee your Christmas gift will be received on time after this date**

'I've just received my adopt a bat pack and am delighted. My niece and nephew are going to be thrilled with all the goodies and activities. Thanks very much. I'll be giving DWT's adoptions again in the future.'
Sharon L, Saltash, Cornwall

There are six animals that need your help. Please adopt today and make a difference for local wildlife.

You can Adopt a Species online or by phone on 01392 279244.


Sadly bumblebee numbers have declined steeply in Britain because changes in agricultural practices have meant there are fewer wild flowers in the landscape, leaving the bumblebees with little to feed upon.  Adopting a bumblebee will help to protect them and the habitats they need to survive in Devon.

Adopt a Bumblebee today for just £20


Hedgehogs are one of our most familiar and loved British mammals, but their numbers appear to have declined in recent years.  By adopting a hedgehog today you will be supporting our work to try and discover more about the reasons behind this decline.

Adopt a hedgehog today for just £20.


The number of bats in the UK has plummeted in the last few decades. There are a number of reasons for this including habitat loss, disturbance and destruction of hibernation sites. By adopting a bat today you will help protect them for the future.

Adopt a Bat today for just £20.


Dolphins can often be seen off the Devon coast, usually in small groups (pods). Unfortunately each year a small number of dolphins become entangled in discarded and drifting fishing nets. Your dolphin adoption will help our marine conservation and campaigning work which is ensuring a safer future for these magnificent marine mammals.

Adopt a Dolphin today for just £20.


The dormouse has become extinct in some counties in the UK, but Devon is a stronghold. Many of our nature reserves offer ideal conditions for these animals. DWT regularly monitors dormouse populations and works to create the right habitat for them. Can you help?

Adopt a Dormouse today for just £20.


Devon remained a haven for otters during the 1960s population crash which was caused by water pollution and habitat loss. Today, threats come from development and unsympathetic management of riversides. Through our work we will help otters return to the whole network of waterways. By adopting an otter today you will help us safeguard their future in Devon.

Adopt an Otter today for just £20.

How you make a real difference

The money raised by your adoption will go towards protecting the habitats of these fascinating animals, directly contributing to their protection and survival.  Devon Wildlife Trust achieves this through its programme of nature conservation work on its nature reserves and by providing education and advice to members of the public, school children and landowners.

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